Images and visuals often describe far more than words alone can. This concept is essential to the aesthetics industry, where photos are the foundation for communicating results. According to Markets Insider and a RealSelf survey conducted by the Harris Poll, 53% of clients indicate that before and after photos are most valuable when choosing an aesthetic provider¹. Another RealSelf survey has also found that 83% of those researching aesthetic procedures would not consider a practice that doesn’t have before and after photos².


3 Key Reasons To Take Before & After Photos

1. The first, and possibly most important reason to take before and after photos is for your client. Photos are crucial in tracking the progress of clients’ treatments. Just as we do, clients often look at themselves in the mirror; therefore, they may never see the subtle changes progress photos can highlight. Taking images every 30-days or after each treatment will allow you to monitor the treatment progress while also demonstrating results to clients. 

2. The second reason to take before and after photos is for your own business needs. When done right, before and after images prove to be a valuable source of content when developing your marketing collateral. Content that demonstrates results and showcases your work, helps you in acquiring new clientele. Additionally, photos can help you document and note details and issues per each client.

3. The last reason to take before and after photos is for legal purposes. This not only helps protect you but also your client. Photos can serve as evidence that the client already had a pre-existing mark or condition, before the treatment. 


How Before & After Photos Can Benefit Your Business


Pictures are important when it comes to building your professional portfolio and establishing credibility. The aesthetic skin industry is all about the results you can produce. Having before and after photos will show clients how you can get them from point A to point B. When showcasing more of your work, clients are more likely to trust you and your business.


Additionally, before and after photos are not only inspirational and effective but also helps potential clients/customers relate to your work. Seeing results on others can help clients realize that they, too, can meet their skin goals. If you are showing only the after photo, it may be disheartening to others because it shows them a goal that, to them, seems unreachable. However, including before pictures will help them realize that their skin goals are attainable, with time and patience. 


Sometimes the stories themselves are more important than their resolutions. The result is rarely as impressive as the journey toward the result - before and after photos convey that journey perfectly. For example - you would be impressed when seeing someone with flawless skin, but you would be blown away knowing that only one year prior, their skin was flooded with acne scars and hyperpigmentation. This is because people do not realize how good something is until they know how bad it was before. When before and after photos are done right, it can inspire anyone to take action.


Photos are powerful, popular, and a prerequisite for conversions. While having a large quantity of photos is a must, quality should be your priority. Remember, quality is key, so it is crucial to maintain consistent photo standards, as having good lighting, angles, and clear photos play a huge role in how consumers portray your business or practice. Lastly, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the purpose of before and after images is to showcase the results you can produce. 


Tips on Before & After Photos

• Always get the clients’ permission to take photos and publish them on your website or social media - this can be done through a filled out consent form, signed by the client

• Document each session with each client to see visual progress

• Stay organized by properly labeling image files with the client’s name, type of treatment, and date of the treatment

• Always watermark your images to protect them from image theft


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²Modern Aesthetics