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Microneedling Frequently Asked Questions

What is microneedling?

  • It is a medical procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles to trigger the wound-healing process, which rapidly regenerates collagen, elastin, and keratin cells.



What needle depth should I microneedle with?

    • The needle depth depends on the treatment you are providing to the client – what skin concern are you addressing, what is the area of concern, and what is the thinness/thickness of the skin being treated?
    • The deeper you go into the skin does not improve treatment or give you a faster result.
    • Please refer to the Treatment Protocol forms.



How long should clients wait till their next microneedling treatment?

  • The wound healing cascade typically requires 30-day intervals for the client’s best care and results.
  • Repeat treatment every four to six weeks for anti-aging and scar revision.
  • Repeat treatment every two to three weeks for pigmentation correction.
  • Repeat treatment every three to four weeks for hair restoration treatment.
    • MR2, MR3: Treat once or twice a week.
    • MR5: Treat once every 2 - 4 weeks.
  • MR10, MR15, MR20: Treat once every 4 - 6 weeks



Can I use any cosmetic product during a microneedling treatment? Which ones should we avoid?

    • Not all products are designed to go INTO the skin and are for topical use only. Use only sterile products that are intentionally formulated for transdermal delivery.
  • Avoid retinol before and after microneedling
    • OTC retinol can be used 72 hours before microneedling and one week after microneedling
    • Depending on the strength, prescription retinol can be used one week before microneedling and 1-2 weeks after microneedling.



What other procedures can I perform along with microneedling?

    • Before Microneedling: Light chemical peels, Dermaplaning
    • During Microneedling: PRP, LED, IPL, Light therapy, Radiofrequency



What procedures should we avoid? How long should clients wait before seeking other procedures?

  • Accutane, Botox, fillers, laser treatments, PDO threads, deep chemical peels
    • Botox, microdermabrasion, chemical peels – 2 weeks after microneedling
    • PDO threads – 4-6 weeks after microneedling
    • Fillers and Laser treatments – minimum one month after microneedling
  • Accutane – minimum 6 months after microneedling





Can we use several serums in one session or choose one? For example, can I use APGF and then send the patient home with vital W or the pigmentation serum?

  • We advise only using one microneedling solution at a time per treatment. If you have a client trying to address multiple skin concerns with microneedling, we advise you to alternate solutions with each treatment. For example, if you have a client with anti-aging and hyperpigmentation issues, a Vital W/APGF anti-aging solution should be used during one treatment, and a Vital PS solution can be used at the following session.