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In the early 2000s, advances in the absorption of materials on a micro-scale led to the development and introduction of devices that employ tiny needles: "microneedles"...

Aside from the increased natural collagen benefits of microneedling, the motivation was to deliver drugs by perforating the dermis layer to allow for transdermal absorption of various active compounds. The needles are inserted into the skin; they pierce the skin and create micro-conduits to transport active compounds. 

The MTS Roller is the original American-made, Medical-grade microneedling solution.

After extensive research and further development of the skin needle abrasion technology, Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc. (CRL), a California Corporation, re-invented a new version of the device called the MTS Roller. 

This medical-grade instrument was released to the public in 2004. 

Today's MTS Roller

The MTS Roller combines the best features of both techniques and, at the same time, offers additional advantages. Rolling the MTS Roller over the skin will cause hundreds of minuscule derm wounds while creating tiny holes in the epidermis, which will close in hours. This will start up an aseptic inflammation process, which will result in collagen production. 

MTS Roller Specifications

MTS Roller is a durable and high-quality precision tool, with 100-1000µm in length and 10-15µm in tip diameter. The roller disc and handles are made from Lexan Polycarbonate Resin, and the steel axle is polished. It holds 200 fine Swedish surgical stainless steel. 


After the advent of the MTS Roller, there was still a need to link the MTS Roller and the potential advantages of transdermal absorption.

CRL launched the "Microneedle Therapy System" to further develop the extended needs and undiscovered application of the MTS Roller. Throughout the world, we have defined entire cosmeceutical treatments using the MTS Roller as Microneedle Therapy System. 

CRL is proud to introduce our clinically-proven microneedling products.